This treatment is called “Stress-less.” With an emphasis on “Less”.

A pleasant warmth that penetrates in your whole body:
– via a shell, or
– via salt, or
– via ginger, in other words
a unique experience that gives you an annual boost.

Several different types of moxa-techniques are combined depending on your complaints. In short, a deep relaxation and afterwards a revitalizing feeling of wellness.

Indirect moxa is being conducted with a medium between the moxakegel and the skin. Ginger, garlic and salt are the most prevalent herbs, which are being used in indirect moxibustion and which each have their own specific goal. It combines the function of the herbs, the moxa and adds the energetic powers of the herbs.



Moxa with shell or “Dragon Moxa”:
This has been used for a very long time for chronic weak health (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, burn-out, depression, asthma, rheumatoid arthritis, support and harmonize the nervous system, intestinal system, respiration and cardiovascular sustem, ….)
It eases pain, regulates organ function and the immune system, improves the circulation in the meridians, the general body functions and wellbeing. After the treatment, the patient will feel a strong warming effect and a calming effect on the vertebral column, but also in the anterior part of the body. The body grows stronger and the mind more calm. It is recommended to do this once a year, when you are healthy. If you are ill, this is done more frequently. A ginger paste is made, which will be applied to certain zones on the back. Moxa cones are then placed on top.



Moxa with salt:
The use of salt as a medium is typically used on top of the bellybutton for conditions linked to the intestinal system. This techniques eases local pain, vomiting, diarrhea and long term dysentery in extreme cases. This method is mostly used in chronic diarrhea and acute gastro-enteritis such as vomiting, diarrhea and dysentery. Belly pain around the bellybutton to save the Yang, for Yang collapse and cold limbs.



Moxa with ginger:
Ginger is a very warming herb , which is often used to balance the stomach and to improve digestion. When a fresh slice of ginger is applied as a medium between the skin and the moxakewax, there is a synergistic effect due to the heating moxa and ginger. This treatment harmonises the stomach, hides accumulations, coordinates Qi, improves digestion and eliminates fluid accumulation. The method is often used in diarrhea, belly pain, vomiting and joint pain.



Alchemical spaygyrics & gemmotheraphy

Chinese herbs

Treatments based on Chinese herbs have been proving their effectiveness on millions of patients for centuries. It is one of the most empirical medicines known worldwide.

Alchemical spaygyrics & gemmotheraphy

Gemmotherapy is a part of phytotherapy that uses leaf buds and shoots of trees and shrubs. The main effect of gemmotherapy focuses on drainage on the one hand and on the structure of the entire organism on the other.

One-day intensive retreat


Moxa is a technique from Traditional Chinese Medicine in which specific herbs are burned to heat acupuncture points and thus promote Qi flow.

Want to stop smoking?

Acupuncture addresses both physical and mental nicotine addiction when quitting smoking.

Weight loss

We look at your nutritional habits, your exercise and the influence of your emotional life. According to Chinese Medicine, certain foods are healthy for one person, but not for another, depending on your constitution.

Nutritional advice

The taste of the food is associated with its nutritional value or toxicity. An unbalanced diet can cause disharmony that manifests itself through all kinds of possible symptoms.


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