Do you have worries about your health?

Are you looking for expert advice on specific concerns?

Are you thinking of making new health choices? 


Why not come for a consultation?

We can discuss your concerns and I will suggest choices to help you listen to your body and decide on the right path. 


How does it work?

We will start by discussing your health concerns, your current life situation, and your hopes and desires for yourself. We consider these from the point of view of Chinese medicine.

You will then receive a written report giving a detailed analysis of your situation, and full recommendations for treatment and an assessment of the options available to you.

You say what you would like to change  and we will comprehensively review your current health circumstances, looking at all you have learned from other healthcare practitioners. Then we will look at what your life is calling for now. We analyse your situation in energetic and practical terms using both Chinese and Western medical diagnostic practices.

With a new health plan:

  • You will feel reassured knowing how to achieve positive benefits for your health
  • You will feel energised through the creative force that drives your own healing power.
  • You will have the support of a detailed report recommending treatments, herbs, supplements, and lifestyle changes especially for you, with a clear and realistic timeline.


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