When you come for your first treatment, I take the time to get to know you properly. Since acupuncture is a holistic approach, I pay attention to you in all your different aspects. A personal questionnaire (pdf via this link) serves as a guide for this initial interview. Take your time to read and fill in the questionnaire. You can bring the questionnaire or send it by e-mail beforehand.

This way you can inquire about prices, make an appointment, or ask questions. Read these frequently asked questions first to find out if you can find an answer here.

You can also use the following contact form.

To make an appointment, ask about prices or for any other queries, you can contact me on this number: +32 497 89 56 69


Before you do, check out these frequently asked questions to see if you can find an answer there.

Or use the contact form below.


Brusselsesteenweg 166
3080 Tervuren
on Mondays, Tuesdays & Thursdays

HCWO "Belladonna"
Mechelsesteenweg 157
3080 Tervuren
on Wednesdays You can park across the street at Delhaize.

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