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I’m glad you’ve found your way to this website. My aim is to help bring you back into balance. I use the holistic principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine so that together we can create your own personal blueprint for a healthy and satisfied life. We do this by looking at all aspects of your life. Take a look at these pages and see how different treatments can be tailored to your specific needs.

About me

About myself

Born in 1982, in Lier and raised in the small village of Everberg.

My vision

Every day in my practice I notice that the people who come to me are tired of being treated like a number.

My specialization

I am convinced that if you do not confront your feelings, a kettle will simmer and overflow at a certain point.

  • Wu Wei – The Paradox

    Wu Wei is a real paradox. It is difficult to do your best not to do your best.

  • Wabi Sabi – Nothing is Perfect

    Our life has to have meaning and if we are not perfect, we must be doing something wrong. Is that the way it is?

  • Yin Yang – The Opposite Forces

    Yin and Yang are general terms used in the East to describe the opposite poles of any given natural phenomenon. Although they exist in clear opposition to each other, they also depend on each other, as the one embraces the other.

  • Dear Annabelle, I am very grateful to you for taking care of me. When I contracted shingles, which caused facial paralysis affecting the auditory circuit, I was followed by a team of doctors at the hospital but had decided to employ an acupuncturist to supplement my treatment. I came to you and your treatment in a few sessions helped me enormously! My paralysis is almost invisible and the doctors are happy with the results! I am so grateful for your support during this difficult time! Your kindness and gentleness won me over! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! I will call on your services again if necessary!

    Fabienne - Waterloo

  • In a serene setting, the most personal welcome and treatment I have received so far, the results can be experienced quite immediately and even afterwards you feel the involvement of Annabelle, a super woman!

    W - Tervuren


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