Wabi Sabi – Nothing is Perfect

“Nothing is eternal
Nothing is complete
Nothing is perfect”

– The Art of Impermanence –

Our life has to have meaning and if we are not perfect, we must be doing something wrong. Is that the way it is?

It is typically Western to give meaning to everything. To think about issues, to ask questions, to want to explain, to become better, to improve ourselves, to have a feeling of importance, that we are doing something with our life. We want to mean something, we want to develop our talents and to get the best out of things ….

The term Wabi Sabi is of Japanese origin and sees life completely differently. Wabi stands for space; Sabi stands for time.

Wabi Sabi is not a fixed characteristic, it is an underlying attitude towards life. It stands for soberness and simplicity, for the essence of things, but also for a way of life.

You should accept yourself with all your peculiarities and character flaws. This also makes you kind to others.

Picture - Unsplash Julie Ricard

Wu Wei – The Paradox

Wu Wei is a real paradox. It is difficult to do your best not to do your best.

Yin Yang – The Opposite Forces

Yin and Yang are general terms used in the East to describe the opposite poles of any given natural phenomenon. Although they exist in clear opposition to each other, they also depend on each other, as the one embraces the other.


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