Dave - Tervuren

I did some translation work for Annabelle and liked what she was doing, so I thought I would try an acupuncture session. I didn’t have any particular health problems, but I am always keen to try new things. I really enjoyed the hour. Annabelle is great to talk to and is happy to listen to your ideas and comments. In the second half of the session she gave me acupuncture treatment based on my body/character type and the season. She definitely knows what she is doing.

It felt great and I had the best night’s sleep for a long time. I plan to come back every couple of months for “general maintenance”. If it’s necessary for cars, I’m sure it is good for people too! :)

Renata Martinez - Tervuren

I found Annabelle when I was searching for help with my sleeping issues, for the first time in my life a had problems with insomnia and it became a constant thing, every now and then I would spend the night awake,  making my days very hard to cope with.

 I have been treating this problem with Annabelle for a few months now and I must say that since the first session I could feel a huge difference on the quality of my sleep, and not just that, my mind is calmer, my mood changed, digestion is great.

 With her knowledge of herbal medicine she recommends the perfect blend of herbs to treat the individual problem according  to her careful listening and attention to details. I'm having deep and restful nights and all other benefits that comes with it. I have and I will definitely keep recommending Annabelle for whoever is trying to find some healing, prevention or even just to feel good. 

Dina - Leefdaal

The acupuncture treatment has really solved my sleeping problems!

I consulted Annabelle for persistent sleep problems. I received a very warm welcome and already after the first session I noticed an improvement. After six sessions, my sleep has greatly improved: I fall asleep more easily and also fall more quickly asleep when I wake up at night. I also sleep more often for a whole night without waking up, which is wonderful. The sessions are also pleasant: dimmed light, soft and soothing music. I completely relax during the sessions.

Fabienne - Waterloo

Dear Annabelle, I am very grateful to you for finding a solution to my problem. I caught shingles, and it caused facial paralysis affecting my ear canal. I was treated by a team of doctors at the hospital, but I decided to consult an acupuncturist as an extra measure. I met you, and your treatment after a few sessions helped me a lot. My paralysis is almost invisible now and the doctors are delighted with the results. I am so grateful for your support during this difficult time. Your kindness and gentleness overwhelmed me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I will call upon your services again as soon as I need them!

C.V.- Kampenhout

I found Annabelle by chance, even though they say that there is no such thing as chance. I was looking for an acupuncturist near my home.

When I arrived at Annabelle's, I was suffering from tendonitis in my shoulder. It's quite painful and disabling for certain gestures.

I immediately felt at ease with Annabelle. She is a charming person, a good listener, full of empathy, kindness, good advice and very professional.

As the consultations progressed, my pain diminished. Now I am in a "maintenance" period.

I didn't hesitate for one second in recommending her to a friend. My friend, like me, is delighted with her care. In fact, Annabelle has a solution for everything!

I found Annabelle by chance, even though they say that there is no such thing as chance. I was looking for an acupuncturist near my home.

When I arrived at Annabelle's, I was suffering from tendonitis in my shoulder. It's quite painful and disabling for certain gestures.

I immediately felt at ease with Annabelle. She is a charming person, a good listener, full of empathy, kindness, good advice and very professional.

As the consultations progressed, my pain diminished. Now I am in a "maintenance" period.

I didn't hesitate for one second in recommending her to a friend. My friend, like me, is delighted with her care. In fact, Annabelle has a solution for everything!

W - Tervuren

In a serene atmosphere this was the most personal reception and treatment I have ever had.
You feel the results immediately and even afterwards you feel the effects of Annabelle: a
super woman!

Angela - Charleroi

As often happens, one winter I once again suffered from a total lack of energy. After seeing a documentary about the positive effects of acupuncture, I did some research. I found Annabelle's site and instinctively chose her. After the first session I felt a big energy boost, but the following sessions did not have the same effect. Annabelle explained that although I was healing, recovery was slow.

Talking to Annabelle made me realize that the problem had existed since childhood and that it had not got better with age. She also gave advice on nutrition and herbal medicine, and information on the use of moxa. I gradually got more energy back.

In the summer I went abroad and there again I found a very skilled acupuncturist who made the same diagnosis and continued the treatment. I am now in top shape and I will continue to monitor my diet to maintain my health and my immune system.

Women will find other aspects important: now that I have more energy again, I have lost my excess weight and my cellulitis has also disappeared. When we are healthy, the body functions properly and eliminates what is not useful. I am very grateful for Annabelle's competence, kindness and availability. I wish her the best in her professional and personal life.

Philippe - Waterloo

After a recommendation from my doctor to help me with my mourning process after the loss of a loved one, I ended up with Annabelle. I had a constant back pain. I was looking for tools to help my body accept and allow to help me with my emotions.

I knew absolutely nothing about the benefits of acupuncture and I was amazed. From the very first session I felt the positive effect of this approach. As the sessions continued, I worked on other emotions. Since then I share about it to the people around me because I find this technique really interesting for everyone who also has to deal with this kind of problems.

Nayila - Brussels

The first time I met Annabelle, I felt confident in her approach and her explanation of how acupuncture works. I went to her for several different reasons: irritable bowel, neck pain, tension, and problems with blood sugar. I exercise every day and thanks to the sessions and the advice she gave, I found new energy to continue my activities.

I am grateful to her for being a good listener, patient and skillful!

Alejandra - Tervuren

Annabelle is an amazing acupuncturist and a very warm, kind and attentive person. I began seeing her due to very intense migraine headaches, which would not improve even with strong prescribed medicines. I also felt exhausted and very stressed due to several situations, which were impacting my sleep and overall wellbeing. I got great results from the very first session. I have been seeing her on a regular basis during 3 months and I feel so much better. My headaches are gone and I recovered my ability to relax, let go off heavy feelings and have restful nights. My husband started seeing her recently and is very happy with the results too. I strongly recommend her.

Cathy - Wezembeek-Oppem

I wanted to stop smoking and, through Facebook, I found Annabelle, acupuncturist. To be honest, from the beginning our first session was fantastic because she is a very good listener. She takes the time to listen, talk and explain. You have to be self-motivated of course, but she is very encouraging.

The sessions take place in a zen atmosphere, with all the precautions now required of course. She makes sure you are comfortable with everything and explains what she is doing and the various points she is treating. I cannot praise her highly enough, and certainly recommend her for all your problems, because she has a solution for everything. You can also contact her if you have any questions, concerns or doubts. Don't hesitate. If you need care this is a wonderful and gentle method.

Caroline - Brussels

I came to Annabelle feeling very overwhelmed with feelings of despair, sadness and grief over the separation from my family which been weighing heavily for a while but was suddenly bubbling up with uncontrollable crying throughout the day etc. I had not been sleeping well either. I kept having nightmares or waking between 3&5 am , which I had been told in the past was the lungs.
I came into Annabelle’s office expecting to discuss the lungs and the heavy feeling in my chest but instead I burst into tears again telling her my story . She was so kind and understanding. Eventually I got on the table for the acupuncture and was still crying. Annabelle placed the needles where needed and left me to relax. After 10 minutes I stopped crying and went into a relaxed state. I literally felt the deep heavy emotions lift and a sense of optimism again. After the session I had to meet my friends for lunch. I was worried I would look a mess (which I certainly did when I walked into Annabelle’s office), and they all mentioned how relaxed and serene I looked. Weeks later the bouts of crying and waking between 3-5 has stopped. I’m still sad and missing my family but I have some resilience and positive energy towards the situation again.
It was such a significant change it felt like a miracle. Annabelle was certainly like an Angel that day. So caring and concerned. She also takes care to give lifestyle advice. Positive encouragement and is very knowledgeable about herbal remedies which is also important in treating the body.
I highly recommended her and am very grateful to her .

Samthann - Brussels

I came to Annabelle because I had back and neck problems that caused migraines. I was so tense that my osteopath could not do anything. Because I had lived in China and was aware of the benefits of traditional medicine, I knew that an acupuncturist could help me. I immediately felt the effect of the treatment. My energy came back, my muscles relaxed, I slept better, and I no longer felt the cold. Annabelle really listens and empathises during her sessions. She takes time with you and takes everything into account, which I think is essential for the treatment!

G.J. - Tervuren

I came to Annabelle after suffering multiple miscarriages and some related health issues (stress, digestion problems). While it is too early to say if acupuncture will help with carrying a pregnancy, the treatment has helped tremendously with recovery from my last miscarriage. Starting from simply helping to stay calmer through the first weeks, and physically recovering, till getting back a regular cycle. Also the combination of acupuncture and herbs has really helped to get my digestion problems under control. Annabelle is very kind, compassionate and professional. She genuinely takes time to listen and sees everything through a holistic lens. And she is very effective at what she does!

SB- Borgerhout

With passion, care and dedication. That's the best way to describe Annabelle. I came across
her more than a year ago and I am so pleased I did.
I had driven myself too far physically and mentally and had suffered some heavy emotional
blows, including the loss of my mother. Annabelle listened, and then started working with
acupuncture, and advice on nutrition and herbs. She always works on the needs of the
moment because a body feels different every day. It's always in transition. In this way I
learned to listen to my body better and to hear its signals, with the help of Annabelle. Slowly
but surely, I got back on my feet and freed up my body, allowing everything to flow better,
including my blocked emotions. I still occasionally experience a relapse, but I recognize the
signals faster now and fortunately Annabelle is always there as a comfort blanket. Her
treatments come with so much care and dedication. These are now “me-time” moments
that I always look forward to.

Christine - Tervuren

I had been having chronic migraines for a long time and had already tried several alternative
methods to relieve them (I didn't want to take painkillers or other specific medication for
migraine). There was nothing that really helped, but then I was lucky enough to have
acupuncture done by Annabelle. At the first session she asks questions about when and how
the migraines occur, your eating habits and other lifestyle habits (smoking, alcohol, etc.) and
then she applies the acupuncture. I have now had three sessions since the end of last year
and I have to say that my migraine is almost completely gone. After the first session, there
was a slight improvement but later there was a radical improvement and it almost
completely disappeared. I would therefore advise anyone with chronic conditions to try

acupuncture with Annabelle because you have nothing to lose and it will bring your energy
back into balance (as Annabelle says "where there is flow there is no pain, and where there
is pain there is no flow"). What is important is the fact that in addition to acupuncture, you
also have to work on your general lifestyle. Migraine e.g. is mainly related to the liver and so
it is important besides the sessions to remain healthy and not to eat fat, not to smoke, and
to drink little or no alcohol, and to keep regular sleep patterns because the body is
ultimately one whole. If you combine acupuncture with a healthy lifestyle, I can guarantee
that you will see a huge improvement after a number of sessions. I now have almost no
migraines and if I had tried this a few years ago, I could have avoided a lot of lost time ... I
can only encourage anyone who wants to try it, because Annabelle is not only an excellent
professional but also a very pleasant human being.

AY - Sterrebeek

I have been seeing Annabelle for a regular basis and I’ve only had good results from every session. I come off the session relaxed and settled. This past session I was suffering a miscarriage and needed a curetage as the situation was not progressing. I decided to try acupuncture after a week as a last minute resort and hours after the acupuncture the situation started progressing. I miscarried hours before my scheduled surgery and avoided general anesthesia and a surgery thanks to the acupuncture and Annabelle. She’s gentle, compassionate and effective. Just what I needed during this difficult time. I highly recommend her.

L& D- Overijse

For many years I have suffered from stomach and bowel problems and all the discomforts
that come with it. After trying a lot of doctors and specialists I ended up with Annabelle. I’m
so glad I did!
At first Annabelle listened to me very carefully in order to "discover" what my complaint was.
She started working on me in a very open way. Accupuncture, herbs, nutritional advice and
lots of talking, advice and tips. Together with Annabelle I was able to get my complaints
under control. In periods of stress when my symptoms return, I call her. It is very comforting
that Annabelle already knows me and my body and can immediately start working with very
quick results!
I am completely convinced of the effectiveness of acupuncture, and of the skill of Annabelle.
I have even sent my husband to Annabelle to help him quit smoking. He is still smoking but I
see much more progress than I ever noticed before with other attempt to quit!
Thank you, Annabelle!

FV - Leefdaal

I came as recommended by a friend to Annabelle to treat a problem of fibromyalgia (unexplained muscle pain all over the body). The specialist doctor thought acupuncture was a good idea to try to "derail" the electric paths of the nerves that may create the pain (they dont really know where it comes from nor how to treat it). I had had previous positive experience of acupuncture many years ago when I had back problems so I thought it was a good idea.

When I first came to see Annabelle, I was in great pain already for a month and as a normally very fit person, I was overwhelmed by this new "handicap" as I could hardly walk or carry anything, but most of all in terrible constant pain throughout the body.

After already 3 sessions, I could see a clear improvement. The pain was less acute and was limited to some parts of the body only.

At the end of the treatment (9 sessions of acupuncture in total over 2-3 months + 2 sessions at the physio), I was 90% recovered & overjoyed to be able to go back to my usual fitness activities and resume my normal life.

I am very grateful to Annabelle for her care and compassion. I found her very attentive to my personal situation, adapting each session to the particular need, according to the evolution of the situation.

I found the sessions very relaxing and felt I could trust I was in competent and caring hands.

I am delighted with the happy ending of what was a scary episode. I would not hesitate to go back to Annabelle, even for a couple of sessions a year, as preventive measure.

LD - Brasschaat

I arrived at Annabelle for the first time in February after a long search including both regular doctors
and homeopathic doctors.
I immediately had a very good feeling with her, you immediately feel at ease with her.
I talked seriously about my life during the first session.

I got much further than I've ever gone during sessions with psychologists that I've been to before.
I'm actually afraid of needles so it's a big step for me, but Annabelle makes you so comfortable that
you're relaxed and that fear disappears.
After acupuncture and different medication, my problem has improved enormously.
Since July I've been every month and every time experience a blissful feeling of complete relaxation
and real me-time.
I can fully recommend this. I have to drive 70 km for each appointment but it is really worth it.

Vicky - Huldenberg

My relationship with food had not been in balance for a while: cravings, too much sugar,
headaches, etc.
I was looking for support in my relationship with food and eventually ended up with
Annabelle. I had had no experience of acupuncture but thought it could not do any harm and
might do some good.
At the first session she asked me a lot of questions to give her enough background to see
what we would work on.
I really liked that she understood which direction I wanted to go: to gain control over my
relationship with food but not to feel bad when I enjoy an unhealthy alternative.
When using the needles, she always explained what she was doing, teaching me to
understand things and gain insight. After the first session she recommended supplements as
I have been going to Annabelle for a number of months now and am very satisfied: I have
become more aware of nutrition and how my body reacts to it. And another plus: it's also an
hour of pure relaxation!

B.M - Huldenberg

Since 2016 I have been struggling with intestinal problems, which resulted in me being in the
hospital's emergency department several times a year. I have been to several specialists in
different hospitals for examinations but they never found anything concrete for what was
causing my bowel problems.
I ended up with Annabelle and through acupuncture she was able to cure me. Since then,
everything has changed, and I go through life with a different outlook. I found that
acupuncture is a different type of Oriental medicine to what we are used to here in Europe,
that the therapist listens to his patient much more!
I definitely recommend this to everyone … for both physical aspect and mental health...

P.M. - Wezembeek-Oppem

Acupuncture had helped me a lot in my life, especially in dealing with the pain of early osteoarthritis. I came to Annabelle on the advice of my physiotherapist because I suffered from mobility problems, eczema and emotional vulnerability due to personal problems.

I am convinced that acupuncture with Annabelle got me through this difficult phase. Not only is the treatment efficient and completely relaxing, but I also appreciated Annabelle's warmth, empathy, and wonderful listening skills.

Judith - Sterrebeek

It just so happened that I saw a poster of Annabelle at my osteopath. I thought, "If he knows her and
recommends her, she certainly can't be bad!" So I decided to give acupuncture a chance to fight my
insomnia. Making an appointment was easy and from the first moment I had the impression that we
were doing well. All the initial treatment had a huge effect on my body - maybe not immediately as
expected, but still intense enough to show that there was more out of balance than I thought.
With the help of a few sessions of accupuncture and also Chinese herbs that Annabelle ordered for
me, I soon got rid of my insomnia, my knee problems, the flu, digestive problems, and... And... And!
For me acupuncture is now really the key to more balance, and also enjoy some nice "me-time" in a
relaxing atmosphere, thanks to the good care of Annabelle.

A.G. - Tervuren

I came to Annabelle because of the inability to get pregnant. After visits for some time, now I am already expecting my delivery in a few days' time. So it seems Annabelle definitely helped me. She is not only gently doing the procedure itself, but she also always listens attentively, supports you and helps. She makes you feel welcome. I highly recommend her.

Grietje Goris - Tervuren

In January 1989 a car hit me at the Leonard intersection and catapulted my car to the other side.
Four months of bed rest followed by severe concussion and a back injury. The head and back pain
were difficult to endure and remained persistent. Until some acupuncture sessions helped improve
things and eventually brought healing.
Now in January 2020 I am again recovering after a fall at home. I fell and ended up with my back on
the floor. No fractures, but severe concussion and another four weeks of bed rest. Medication is not
really effective against the headache. But also my intestines seemed blocked as a result of the shock.
After three acupuncture sessions with Annabelle Khalil, all the headaches, even the stubborn deep
ones, have gone and I am functioning normally again. The blockages resulting from these traumas
have disappeared completely.
Listening to your body is important. When your body is in pain or ill, it is crucial to find a therapist
who "actively listens" from a holistic point of view and with knowledge of your body.
Annabelle is a highly trained master of Physiotherapy and in addition she constantly attends
numerous national and international training courses. She listens and notes with attention, asks
specific questions and uses the needles with understanding and knowledge, following the meridians
and the original Oriental principles. With her you are in safe and effective hands!

SAZ- Wezembeek-Oppem

I began seeing Annabelle for overall health and wellness as well as pain in my neck and back. After several months of regular treatment I am no longer on what I once considered 2 lifelong medications. I am more than pleased to be able to take a more holistic approach to my overall health. Additionally, I have found great relief in my neck and back pain through acupuncture, cupping and Gua Sha.

Katrien Parijs - Huldenberg

I ended up with Annabelle when I felt I wanted to move forward in life, but due to several factors I
just stopped. I now do several months of accupuncture, along with psychotherapy and meditation.
After a few sessions Annabelle inspired me so much that I gradually changed my whole vision of life.
I'm moving forward. Annabelle always takes a personal and calming approach. I'm very comfortable
with her and feel she is my friend. She inspires me to be myself.

Chantal Verdeyen - Wezembeek-Oppem

S.C. - Tervuren

For years, "Spring" was a synonym for "heavy bouts of hay fever". The standard medication
no longer helped and for a few years cortisone was part of my classic treatment schedule to
help me get through the spring. Until a friend advised me to try acupuncture. I eventually
ended up with Annabelle. I had nothing to lose, but honestly, I didn't really believe in it at
first. However, last spring was the first time in my life that I did not suffer from hay fever. So
the acupuncture worked. Soon I will be starting again with this preventive approach.
Annabelle knows what she's doing. In addition, she takes the time to better understand your

complaints. You immediately feel at ease and enjoy a complete rest during a session. Highly

Lieve – Overijse

I strongly believe in Chinese medicine and in acupuncture, but I believe even more in who gives the treatment! Annabelle is strong in her field and does all this with lots of love and passion.
Annabelle is sincerely interested in your story, she gives you a good feeling, takes her time and in the end she gives the correct treatment. A warm recommendation for Acubelle from a satisfied customer.

Francine – Holsbeek

I came mainly for eczema, bowel complaints and fatigue.
I’ve had these problems for a little over 10 years now and have tried a lot without good results. With the combination used by Annabelle of acupuncture, nutritional adjustment and Chinese herbs / ointment, I found that I gradually had fewer complaints.
At the moment it is not completely over, but it’s the first time I feel it’s more and more under control and I think the eczema will eventually stay away. Other things that I thought I could do nothing for, are better. For example, I’m emotionally much more stable, feeling calmer inside.
Annabelle works with a huge passion and is just a very pleasant person to be treated by. I think this also had a positive effect on the course of my treatment. Every time I come to her, it’s a me-time relaxing moment!

D.V.E. – Heist

Do you know this feeling?
The feeling that your symptoms take over?
That you feel like sinking away in physical problems?
Fatigue, tension head ache, no libido, difficult nights, intestinal symptoms…
Then you are at the right address, with Annabelle!
So: a listening ear, a customized treatment and honesty are key with Annabelle.

T.B. – Leuven

Annabelle Khalil, a recognized physiotherapist, acupuncturist and a beautiful person.
After many medical treatments, I decided to have my body checked as a whole and, if needed, to be treated by Annabelle. The factor that she is not only acupuncturist by training, but physiotherapist and herbal medicine specialist too, has led me to her in the spider web of all being offered. Due to her enthusiasm and engagement, I immediately felt at home with her. The complete approach and the acquired insights have caused me to quickly feel better, which makes that I now do an annual check with Annabelle, as a preventive weapon against all kinds of symptoms.

Nathalie – Tervuren

In the past I had already become acquainted with several therapists, specialized in Chinese Medicine, for acupuncture sessions. Despite the fact that I believe in this approach/ therapy, I unfortunately did not have results. Then Annabelle came on my path. For the first time, I experienced real lasting results and also felt heard and supported. Annabelle’s warm personality, her listening ear and her soft, patient approach quickly reassured me. In addition, her clear explanation of how and why she works during the session I find an absolute added value.

In the past, I just used to lie in a room, with needles without any explanation and that also worked quickly. Although Annabelle continues the work, I don’t have the impression that things are being rushed. Therefore, I can really cordially recommend Annabelle and thank for the help she offered so far.

Carine – Leuven

Probably you know this morning, when you noticed way too late that the electricity has fallen out, everything is becoming a mess, nothing is no longer working…but where should you start first?
For me it was the same a long treatment of antibiotics, no more electricity, no more energy, almost in a chronic state of fatigue. This could not be as a happy single, very independent woman with a dynamic life. My doctors and in the hospital they did not know it either, they only wanted to treat me further with antibiotics, antacids, and antispasmodics and a laxative for my intestines. If there was one thing which I knew for sure; the use of the medication was only worsening my situation.

Then someone gave me the contact details of Annabelle; acupuncture? Had never done this, but had nothing to lose. I asked around with some acquaintances if they had already experience with acupuncture; most of them told me that it would not take long, about 15 min.

Already at the first appointment I felt enlightened, she understood what I said and how I felt. Annabelle works in a different manner. She offers a complete approach; when the electricity falls out, you have go through all the fuses all by one. With acupuncture, moxa, herbal preparations, adjusted nutrition and a complementary massage. We started very intensively and yes, after 6 months I can say that the flow, the energy has returned in me.

Annabelle, thank you!!

Freddy – Kessel-Lo

I came to Annabelle Khalil after months of suffering with “plantar fasciitis”, or a chronic painful left foot. A MRI scan showed a hardening of the foot tendon. As an active 70 year old this was a serious problem. Conventional treatments, among others customized shoe soles and intensive physiotherapy, unfortunately did not result in any noticeable improvement. During a stay in the UK, a relative, who is an acupuncturist, proposed to try a treatment with electro-acupuncture. Since acupuncture is being recognized as a valid alternative and scientific supportive treatment for chronic pain. For the time, I noticed a clear result: the pain was not gone completely, but the intensity had clearly diminished. At my return, I was therefore looking for a physiotherapist/ acupuncturist who could continue this treatment. This is how I ended up with Annabelle.
Her professional approach caused that the hardening have completely gone, after three treatments! The sensitivity of the foot tendon has not yet fully disappeared, but the pain level is a lot less, so I can keep doing sports.
With adjusted exercises and lay-in shoe soles , the pain will hopefully fully disappear.

Nancy – Keerbergen

Annabelle is a super sweet girl who immediately gives you a good feeling. With knowledge of and passion for her discipline and you feel this as a patient immediately.She listens to you and tries to provide a solution to each problem.
For me acupuncture is a great device to find peace and to feel better.

Kyanu – 11 jaar

I was afraid for the needles, but Annabelle is so sweet and she really listens to me.


In first instance, I have visited Annabelle, because I was seeking help for my year long hyperventilation symptoms and a tense body. My first contact with her was immediately superb and we started directly. With some needles, it was not so bad, but the response of my body was immense with others, so we quickly knew which points were important for the treatment. Annabelle continuously encouraged me with her warm words while she was treating me. Many symptoms disappeared: the nocturnal sweating, dry eyes, tense shoulders, a tense chest region, the fatigue which I had every morning. In addition, I received interesting nutrition advice about milk, bread/gluten, coffee, wine , strong herbs, and soft meals, with which I started and could help my body to find its balance. The most wonderful moment for me was when I arrived at Annabelle and told her how emotionally heavy my past few days had been. This time Annabelle treated all my emotional points and all anxiety stress and emotional confusion, disappeared like snow in the sun and instead I got an incredible force in me. This turnaround in only one treatment I will never forget! I went home and could face everything again!

In the meantime, I am completely free of anxiolytics due to her treatments and the herbs which Annabelle had prescribed in a tailor-made fashion.


Annabelle is driven in her passions and caring for her patients. She knows what she is doing. I am gladly being treated by her, she receives my fullest trust!

Miriam – Heist o/d Berg

After years of fighting, I came into contact with Annabelle 1 year ago. I did not look forward to our appointment considering my fear of needles, but I was desperate. With her sweet and enthusiastic, but especially honest words she helped me further and together and we tackled problem by problem together. I was taking medication if which I have been released now for several months.

Annabelle… I am not fully there yet, but everything seems within reach and I owe that to you and not a mass of doctors, who I have met in the past years. Thank you for letting me breathe again!

Ellen – Mechelen

I have undergone several acupuncture sessions and at Annabelle for the first time I felt totally at ease. Her preparation, the extensive conversations and the explanation about puncturing itself. The first treatment immediately had effect. The sessions thereafter worked motivating to continue my path. Her concept of totality works.

Peter G. – Brussel

After a sports injury, I first contacted Annabelle, our team physiotherapist. She noticed quickly that there was a deeper cause to our back complaints. Two years before, I had suffered a bulging disc with radiation in my right arm due to a stressful and sedentary job. However, from her analysis it turned out that I was too often and too intensely driven by adrenaline and stress. Annabelle proposed to me a treatment with adjusted nutrition, acupuncture and herbs. With an open mind and the combination of acupuncture, conversations and adjusted nutrition , I have quickly refound my balance and going forward I have been much more conscious of my “Western” lifestyle.

Annabelle gives you the freedom and to fill in the intensity of the treatment and the nutritional advice yourself. I still frequently think of our personal conversations and attitude towards our Western “rat race”. I believe in her holistic approach and I can only recommend Anabelle as a physiotherapist, acupuncturist, psychologist and good friend!

Wendy – Keerbergen

Annabelle Khalil is passionate woman with a lot of passion for her job.
She is helping, caring, sweet and will support you in all of your being! There are few acupuncturists who are so passionate and apply needles with love from the heart.
Annabelle is a giant in her area.

Sabine – Keerbergen

Since one year I work together as nutrition coach with Annabelle. She does not only express competence and passion her discipline, but in addition really cares about the people she treats. A warm woman with her heart in the right place who takes time for her customers, who puts them at ease and who moreover listens to them. Am grateful that she came onto my path.

Sarah – Leuven

A few months ago I came to Annabelle. The symptoms I had were related to gluten intolerance and my spastic intestines. Actually, really the problems of this time; wrong life style, too much stress, working too hard and not really being “in touch” with myself. Almost a burnout and very much “lost” in all kind of things. And constipation as a direct measurable consequence.

The connection with Annabelle was immediately there. I thought “she is going to put some needles in me and we will see what happens”, but that is definitely not everything. Annabelle takes the time to talk with you, to map the symptoms and potential causes, to then puncture very accurately. For me, it was a real eye opener: after a few times, I felt the energy literally flowing back, and due to her needles and the corresponding herbs (which I don’t even always take very punctually); my symptoms are actually almost all over.

Moreover; I have come closer to myself due to Annabelle, have much more feeling with my roots and I know much better what I do and do not want, what does work and does not work for me and my body.
Now we are 4 months further. Four intensive months in which much has changed in my way of thinking, and so also in my life. Annabelle has a large role to play in this. A great and very positive part. Never I could have thought that the “puncturing for my intestinal complaints”, could have such a great effect. However, Annabelle is a special one. Wonder woman with insight and needles.

Jacques – Auderghem

I have always happily worked with Annabelle. She always listens with attention to her patients and can also timely take decisions and make choices which are needed. For me that is a tremendous quality. I cordially recommend Annabelle to anyone who needs an acupuncturist.

Rodolphe – Woluwe–Saint–Lambert

Annabelle listens to her patients and knows how to easily win their trust. For example, she has treated my 5 year old daughter without any protest. She was being treated for nocturnal urination and she still frequently asks for Annabelle, as it is a pleasant experience for her to be treated by Annabelle and as it accelerates her cure.

N.A. – Brussel

When I first arrive at Annabelle I was pleasantly surprised to be so cordially received with a big smile. I was immediately at ease. I was also surprised as she asked a number of questions to understand my complaint better. Then she asked me to stick out my tongue, so she could explain me as well as possible where she would puncture and why. She also felt my pulse. She causes you to feel warm enough during the treatment and even gives you an extra blanket. This gave me a nice “cocooning” feeling and the impression that I totally could and was allowed to relax. Sometimes, Annabelle even had to wake me up , because I had fallen asleep as the needles where doing their work.
My original complaint had to do with acne on the back and that’s why I had undergone a couple of acupuncture sessions. However, I have also taken the herbs and after a month I already experienced a strong improvement. My skin was as good as new. Thank you, Annebelle for your efficient treatment!

Yann – Captain BBRFC Celtic

Annabelle joined our rugby club as a physio about five years ago and stayed with us for about four years. She quickly integrated herself into the group and built up good relationships with players and staff. Annabelle was quickly called ‘the mother of the team’, which was meant in the most positive of ways. She is a highly skilled, committed, and very caring person. She would maintain constant contact with players to make sure they got all the necessary cares to avoid further injuries or treat existing ones. Because she has very strong social skills, she quickly knew the specific injuries of each player and tried to place herself in a position such that she could tailor her approach to the needs of individual players. She would often listen to treatments or ideas proposed by the players themselves, because she believes that a person knows their own body better than anyone else. Annabelle will also try to explore as many options as possible before treating without thinking, which broadens her skill set as a physio. 
Thus, we experienced Annabelle as being caring, flexible, easy-going, and open minded. At the same time, she is strict when necessary. When a player is unfit to play according to her judgement, she will stick to her opinion if this is in the best interest of the player’s health and fitness. She often turned out to be right, which is why players and staff had a much respect for her input and decisions.
Unfortunately, Annabelle is no longer with us this season. We understand that she wanted to pursue interesting professional opportunities, in which we fully support her. Perhaps the best way to express our appreciation and gratitude is by simply saying that we miss her. 

Ulli – Brussel

Playing rugby since more than 10 years is very demanding for the body, especially for neck, muscles, joints and ankles. But as a player you want to be able to always give your best in every match. Annabelle’s treatment was therefore sublime before, during and after a match. She has the ability to quickly diagnose and treat the injury effectively. She has great memory about my injury history and always good advice. She was the perfect physio for me and my team.

Magali – Tervuren

Annabelle has helped me tremendously with her competence and friendliness. Due to the acupuncture and herbal treatment, after years I finally recovered from my endometriosis. She has always looked for the optimal treatment for my symptoms. Due to her I can now experience a fully careless and serene pregnancy, without any complication. My body was well prepared for this new adventure. I felt supported and heard by Annabelle.

Martine – Brussel

As an independent I have a stressful professional life and therefore I experienced quite some insomnia problems and other stress-related complaints. I absolutely wanted to avoid getting dependent on sleeping or relaxation pills and arrived at Annabelle for multiple acupuncture treatments. These have really done me well and now I can sleep reasonably well. I feel much more quiet and relaxed now and occasionally return for a treatment when I feel a need for it. Acupuncture has really brought me a lot of good stuff, it is natural and it helps me in difficult times!

Meriem – Brussel

I went to see Annabelle following a quadriceps injury. My pain had been preventing me from playing Gaelic soccer for years and physiotherapy would only provide short-term solutions that no longer allowed me to play for whole seasons. Annabelle did acupuncture and gave me nutritional advice as it turned out that the problem was in my spleen (I had thought for years that the cause was muscular). Today I am playing soccer again and have no more problems. Annabelle greeted me with great warmth, she radiates an energy and a light that makes me feel secure. More than an acupuncture practitioner, she was a great moral support because I was depressed at not being able to play anymore.

I highly recommend acupuncture, which has allowed me to identify causes of injury far beyond the simple muscular problem; and I particularly recommend Annabelle whose energy, good mood, kindness, availability and professionalism make you leave a session in an extremely pleasant state of well-being.

Wies – Bonheiden

I received two acupuncture treatments for dry coughs which plagued me for months. The treatment – with the typical needles- went painless and efficient in a cosy atmosphere. It led to quick results, already the day after. A suitable herbal treatment now avoids the cough symptoms from coming back. I am happy to determine that only two treatments could have such sustainable effects!

Peggy – Keerbergen

I have recovered from uterus cancer and are recovering from a burn-out; blocked neck and pain- urinating frequently- being exhausted – emotional – constipation and many other symptoms!
Until I met Annabelle. She takes time, brings peace and quiet and a solution to all your other symptoms. Her acupuncture is very results focused. After each session, I felt reborn. You are not just a number for her, she seeks solutions with you and she is there with you.

I have had many types of examinations and also acupuncture, but there is still much difference between them. Please continue this way.

Myriam – Werchter

 Little energy, inner cold, digestion problems , regularly waking up at night…..in short: body out of balance! As a “take good care of yourself”-coach I felt only all too well that next to my own healings, I needed additional support.

This I got from Annabelle, with a listening ear, full of respect and attention, we go started. Acupuncture and a personal balanced herb mix give my organs a boost after five sessions.
My advice: don’t wait until you are fully burnt out

Corinne - Sterrebeek

Since I came to see you (remember my terrible state), your sessions have restored me and allowed me to refocus on my private and professional life. You have allowed me to overcome my anxieties of the moment and to channel my stress, and finally pass my dreaded exam.  Each session gives me a feeling of fullness and gives me the energy I need to continue.

I thank you for this and look forward to the next session!

Ann – Leuven

I started acupuncture in my search for solutions to my menopause complaints and sleeping
problems. I now sleep much better, especially if I have regular treatment (every 3 weeks). I
combine my treatment with taking Chinese herbs. Annabelle is very professional and explains
a lot about the herbs. I have a lot of faith in her. She receives her patients in a beautiful,
relaxing practice and because of her kindness and spontaneity I feel at ease with her.

Sarah – Brussel

After more than a year of struggling with cramps in the lower abdomen that were probably caused by stress I experienced, I finally ended up with Annabelle. In 3 appointments time the cramps had disappeared and together we decided to provide some more sessions of acupuncture to create a general balance. 

Now a few months further I feel much better and my complete attitude has changed. I would definitely recommend Annabelle to my friends and family who are struggling with everyday ailments.

Danny en Karin

A cycling accident left me with an incomplete spinal cord injury as a diagnosis, and paralysis
in the legs. I was taken to the rehabilitation center in Pellenberg. It was very terrifying. I could
not do anything with my lower legs anymore.
I met Annabelle through friends. She made time for me and even wanted to come to the site
for acupuncture. Annabelle is a loving woman with a warm aura and an endless smile. I
immediately felt good with her. Her positive attitude and calmness were contagious. Time and
again I looked forward to her coming to me for a session, which for me was real relaxation, a
moment of rest. Annabelle gave me strength and energy through her passion and expertise.
The treatments themselves seemed a bit scary at first, but Annabelle managed to reassure me
and explained everything very carefully, so the treatments became pleasant. I rarely felt even
a small prick.
After eight months of intense rehabilitation, combined with Annabelle's sessions, we saw
spectacular progress. Currently I can walk with aids, and again use my car and bicycle.
I am sure that I have come this far, thanks in part to Annabelle, and I cannot thank her
Dear Annabelle, you have given me so much support, strength, peace, and confidence - time
and time again - to keep me going.
Thank you for being there for me, I will never forget that.

Lots of love.

Jessica – Bruxelles

I met Annabelle for an infertility problem. I was already being treated for MAP in hospital but my first attempts to get pregnant under stimulation had failed. I had heard that acupuncture could help, so I took the plunge. Meeting Annabelle was a breath of fresh air! She's a sweet, bubbly and always optimistic person. Her advice was very valuable to me. We had to rebalance my diet. After each session I felt full of energy, ready to lift mountains. Annabelle was always very available, and made an effort to find times for our sessions according to my cycle.

Once the date of my first insemination is fixed, I contact her because I don't know what to do, and we make an appointment for the day after it.  Three weeks later I learn that I am pregnant! At the time of writing I am 7 months pregnant and I am convinced that this happy event would not have happened without her help.

The journey has not always been easy, but Annabelle has always been understanding, attentive and generous. In fact, she has never commented on my dietary discrepancies. She has always encouraged me and welcomed the successes.

She is a wonderful person, and I will return to her without hesitation!

Marcela - Brussels

Annabelle is an amazing person. She's very kind and patient. I've have used her acupuncture for the pain in my knees and my problem to sleep. It worked so well!

M.B. - Bruxelles

After trying three weeks of physiotherapy to reduce inflammation of the hip muscles, I tried to acupuncture with Annabelle. After only two sessions, the inflammation had disappeared. I suffer from Elhers Danlos Syndrome as a result of numerous psychological traumas, and now regularly visit Annabelle for treatment.

It is true that needles can be scary at first, but thanks to her patience, listening, explanations, knowledge and gentleness, Annabelle manages to relieve my daily pains and help to free me from my anxieties.  Each session is a moment of relaxation and well-being.

I recommend it to everyone.

Marianne – Dilbeek

I have made two visits to Annabelle and both were very conclusive, an acute pain (inflammation) that disappeared in the hours following the sessions, but also welcome benefits on several other levels (digestion, stress, sleep). It seems that the treatment provided by Annabelle takes account of the whole person. In my own case, I felt a real improvement and a kind of global rebalancing. I would add that I had never tried these kinds of treatment before, but am now fully convinced, especially by the positive results, but also by Annabelle's warm and attentive personality.

Alain – Tervuren

I got in touch with Annabelle through my physiotherapist who convinced me to meet her and to go there with confidence.

The first session lasts more than an hour and is preceded by a fairly complete questionnaire: diet, medical history, any medication, etc.

Annabelle is immediately very welcoming, and she puts you at ease, talks about her own experiences, and is really interested in your answers. You feel she has a sincere desire to help and heal.

The acupuncture treatment was beneficial, I quickly lost weight and also benefited from her sound advice about nutrition.

I must also make a personal commitment to make the treatment more effective.

Sophia - Tervuren

For recurring ailments around asthma, hay fever and stress, I had been looking for a global
approach that would go deeper than just treating the symptoms. That is how I found
Annabelle in Tervuren (close to home too). From our first meeting, contact was easy and we
went through my health, conditions and habits from a global point of view. Thanks to the
combination of acupuncture and herbal therapy, I quickly got conclusive results. Thanks

Sylvie – Tervuren

I made an appointment with Annabelle because of neck pain and severe fatigue.  Not only is Annabelle very smiling and attentive, which makes you feel comfortable and confident from the very first appointment, but she also shows great professionalism.  Her skills, after several sessions, have allowed me to regain some energy and my pain has diminished.

Annabelle combines her acupuncture sessions with advice on essential oils and plants, which for my part, reinforced the result since the essential oils proved to be very appropriate.

It is with complete confidence that I recommend Annabelle. Her knowledge, combined with her concern to promote well-being and comfort, make her a quality therapist.

K.A - Kessel-lo

I was referred to Annabelle by my physiotherapist. At our first meeting, the focus was on the
individual (holistic approach) and a customized care plan was made. For me it was herbal
medicine, focus on healthy nutrition and acupuncture, and mainly the digestive system.
During the acupuncture I was very much in a relaxed zone. And the focus on healthy food has
also improved my situation. For me there is a good balance between proper follow-up by the
family doctor and the fascinating healing power of acupuncture and herbal medicine.
Annabelle herself always takes the time to listen to your story.

N. V - Tervuren

Annabelle worked with a Chinese acupuncturist. That's how I came to know about her. I would go to the Chinese acupuncturist because for me, only Asians know what they are doing in Chinese medicine.

I tried a session with Annabelle because her practice was near me and I really needed it. Also because two people recommended her. I admit that I was apprehensive because for me, Westerners cannot master acupuncture as well as Asians.

After my experience with Annabelle I have admit that these were unfounded prejudices. My immunity was not at its best, I was going through a difficult period professionally and emotionally. Annabelle started by listening to my various complaints, connected them and set out to make me stronger both physically and emotionally. For the past two years, I no longer have gastroenteritis, I feel stronger mentally and she has eliminated common physical ailments that can be disabling on a daily basis (pre-menstrual migraines, muscle pain). I do not hesitate to tell her at each visit the smallest physical concerns I have. I know that she has the ability to connect all the complaints, to see the synergy between them and to find the appropriate treatment. Annabelle follows Chinese medicine while keeping in mind that her patients are Westerners. Understanding both worlds is extremely important in a therapy like this. I have abandoned my prejudices and continue to go with confidence.

Isabelle - Geraardsbergen

A year ago my husband had a very serious car accident. For a long time afterwards he needed rehabilitation (and still does). After several months of trying to find the best care for him, to divide my energies between my husband and our children, and to get some balance for myself, I ended up with Annabelle.

She is much more than an acupuncturist. Her beautiful smile and her friendly approach put me at ease right away. I am not very good at letting go, but with her it was easy - so much so that I actually look forward to seeing her.

I had built up a lot of stress and anger, but also bitterness about what had happened to me, but thanks to Annabelle and acupuncture, I began to find myself again and focus on my own life.

Acupuncture helped me come to terms with my situation. I am really grateful to her for this. I could just relax, be myself and ask a lot of questions.

Anne- Overijse

I was looking for an acupuncturist and Annabelle came recommended by a person I trust. Since February 2019 I have had regular appointments with Annabelle and realised its positive impacts on my body and holistic wellbeing and health very soon after starting the sessions.  

Annabelle is warm person, attentive and tailors her treatments according to your needs and ailments. I will continue coming to her practices because I trust the process and her knowledge and professionalism.

Sarah - Leefdaal

In desperation I called Annabelle. My body was exhausted and emotionally I was at rock
bottom. After two years of trying to conceive and months of dizziness, I turned to
acupuncture. I was often asked: "Do you believe in that?" I didn't know what to expect, but
now almost a year later I can say, "I believe in Annabelle." She knows what she is doing, she
really listens to you and looks at the route you should take. She does not dictate anything, but
lets you gain insights at your own pace and see what is open for you. After my operation
(endometriosis) I went back to Annabelle as soon as possible. I could no longer recognize
myself compared to a year ago: I feel emotionally stable, I have a lot of energy, I have learned
so much about myself, and especially, I can really relax during the treatment. Then when I lie
in bed, I sleep like a log and don't wake up until the next morning. Fantastic!
My advice: Go with an open mind and get to know Annabelle's warm personality. We'll have
to wait a while before getting pregnant, but I'm sure our little miracle won't be long in

Jochen – Leuven

I came to Annabelle with a nasty physical ailment: sweaty feet. After years of soggy, smelly
feet, dozens of remedies, a ton of new shoes and increasing mental problems (shame,
insecurity), I decided to try acupuncture. It was mainly the spectacular story of an inveterate
smoker who was cured of her addiction from a single session with Annabelle's needles that
persuaded me to try Annabelle – but without too many expectations.
A nice chat and some pinpricks later, I stepped outside. With question marks and with sweaty
feet. I felt nothing. Nothing had happened. So what was this all about?
But over the following days I noticed that my feet became drier, less sweaty and less smelly.
Just six days later I went for the first time in years without ointment, without powder, and
without Aunt Kate’s special panacea, in a pair of enclosed shoes that I kept wearing for the
whole day. Successfully. Since that day I have been walking around with fresh feet in all
kinds of shoes for almost a year now.
Because the whole experience also made my head a lot lighter, I have been stopping by
Annabelle regularly ever since. The way Annabelle understands your mind and body, and
senses physical ailments and mental worries, and plots the relationship between them has a
very positive effect on me personally. Every session with Annabelle strengthens me, as if she
is pumping me up with energy and making it flow where it is most needed.

P.E.D - Tervuren

I went to Annabelle for chronic and recalcitrant eczema, rather in desperation because I had already seen several dermatologists and tried several treatments without any lasting success.

Annabelle treated me with acupuncture, prescribed an ointment and gave me dietary advice.

After a few sessions, the eczema cleared up, and I have been free of it for a few months! Thank you to Annabelle for listening and taking time with me!

Guido - Tervuren

Annabelle is a very caring person. She listens attentively and supports you every step of the way. I fully respect the way she works, and we make progress together.

Jos – Brussel

I have Lyme disease and acupuncture has helped a lot in the healing process. I had no
experience of acupuncture before, but I knew from other Lyme patients that it gives an extra
boost. It was a pleasant experience and Annabelle fully explained how the treatment plan

would work. The biggest benefit I experienced after three treatments was an increase in my
energy level.
I can now perform all the physical efforts that were not possible before.
I can walk further and faster. I am also able to go for long rides on my beloved MTB.
Following her holistic approach, Annabelle has also given me nutritional advice that has
improved the overall functioning of my body.

Sarah -Bruxelles

My partner and I have been trying for over a year to have a child but unfortunately after 20 years on the pill and both in our thirties, there is still no good news. My physiotherapist, who knows Annabelle well, advised me to make an appointment. I had already heard of acupuncture but had never had the opportunity to try it. Annabelle quickly made me feel comfortable and our appointments became a place where I could confide in her things I couldn't talk about with my loved ones. After two sessions, I began to feel changes in my body. I felt like a "woman" again, my cycle became more enjoyable with less pain and more consistency. I think I came for 4 or 5 sessions and finally the good news came: I am pregnant. We rejoice and thank Annabelle for being there because without her, I don't think this miracle would have been possible so quickly. Indeed, my gynaecologist had made the decision to give me hormones and I think that this decision only made the situation worse: pain, hot flushes, intense depression, excessive weight gain, etc. Annabelle with lots of patient listening and a few well-placed needles offered us the dream that seemed to be slipping away month after month. I therefore advise future mothers in difficulty to try this approach, since it rebalances your body, as opposed to the "chemical" way proposed by our doctors, gynaecologists, etc.

Thank you, Annabelle … and see you soon, because it is quite clear that I will continue to come until our little miracle arrives!

Mounia - Bruxelles

I contacted Annabelle on the recommendation of my physiotherapist and from the first session, I felt perfectly secure and confident. I haven't often felt so much understanding and compassion and it helped enormously because, despite my fear of needles, I felt comfortable enough to let her prick me right away. After a few sessions with Annabelle, I felt more relaxed. Since I became pregnant shortly afterwards, the nature of the sessions changed, but the follow-up during this period helped me cope with the particularly difficult pregnancy discomforts during the first trimester. I am a convinced fan and can only recommend Annabelle, whom I will continue to see regularly.

Irina - Tervuren

I went to see Annabelle after a burn-out when my energy level was at its lowest. I was positively amazed to regain my energy after one session, and restful sleep after the second one. I continue to see Annabelle on a regular basis; the sessions with her have been an essential part of my healing. In addition, she gave me some very good nutritional advice, which also helped my recovery. I greatly appreciate her open and sympathetic approach, as well as her intuition and ability to quickly (and accurately) discover the patient's problems.

Nadine -Tervuren

I went to Annabelle's office when I was in burn-out and very vulnerable. I was a bit apprehensive about the needles, but I was willing to try anything to get out of my current state.

A year later, I tell myself that I was very lucky to walk through her door. Beyond the acupuncture, which helps me significantly on both a physical and psycho-emotional level, it is also Annabelle's welcome and motivation that help me a lot. She is an extremely caring person who is deeply involved in her practice. She wants us to get better so much that she is communicative and therefore very encouraging! Now I can truthfully say that if I didn’t give up at certain moments, it's in large part thanks to her! And in the periods of my burn-out when it was difficult even to leave my house, I never missed an appointment.

What is also important is that Annabelle is neither doctrinaire nor sectarian. She is very competent in her field but remains open to other disciplines and I have been able to continue my homeopathic treatment in parallel by talking to her; she respects my choices. She has also given me a lot of dietary advice which has proved very valuable.

And by the way, I was worried about the needles, because I had had a bad experience with an acupuncturist who was certainly competent but who was pricking four patients at the same time, didn't explain anything, and stressed me out by making me afraid to move during the sessions. Here, it was completely different! It's a moment of relaxation and softness ... and didn’t even hurt!   Thank you for everything, Annabelle!

Sandra - Nivelles

It has been almost a year since I contacted Annabelle Khalil as I wanted to get pregnant and I had post-contraceptive amenorrhea. I didn't want to go through conventional drug treatment. Since then, my cycle has become more regular. I really appreciate Annabelle's welcome, her energy and kindness. She listens, takes the time, asks questions and takes an interest in who I am. Today, I see her once or twice a week to continue my treatment. I see the sessions as a bubble of well-being. In addition, with acupuncture, I feel more positive energy in my body and a greater connection between my body and my mind. Annabelle also takes account of these two aspects, which is very important to me since I need treatment for my body as a whole.

Judith - Brussel

I turned to acupuncture to quit smoking. Annabelle is a very good listener and quickly builds a trusting environment. She believed in me from the very first moment. After only a few sessions, I was rid of my craving and the need to smoke. On top of that, Annabelle looks at the whole person. With a short questionnaire and an interview, she finds out about your habits and your general condition. It's a real pleasure to come to her place, you feel really good there. I would go back without hesitation!

Lieve - Leuven

I had a shoulder blade fracture which was very painful. Annabelle gave me excellent personal
and professional care. I was soon pain free. She looks at the whole person.
I've had a stroke, and Annabelle works on that too, with herbs. She has time for you and is
very caring.
Thank you Annabelle !!!

Esther - Tervuren

From the first moment I visited Annabelle I had a good feeling. 

 I had been to other acupuncturists but I never felt much confidence. Her practice room is quiet and cosy with nice scents that give a feeling of well-being. She does not use huge piles of needles but prefers dialogue to find out exactly what you are feeling and thinking. All I can say is that you must give her a try! After four sessions I am sleeping better, and my energy has come back. Annabelle starts a process of healing both your body and your mind.

Florence – Machelen

Some people have the gift of healing, and Annabelle is one of them. Don't compare a visit to
Annabelle with a visit to a conventional doctor.
Annabelle really listens to you and then 'confronts' you with the symbolic and physical cause
of your 'illness'. Then you start to work (!) with her to get better. Slowly but surely you will
feel lasting results! I am personally very happy with her knowledge of physiotherapy,
acupuncture and herbal medicine. For me it means that I have grown as a person, and no
longer have to use ointment containing cortisones :-) for eczema on my face, and I even
suspect that I have been able to prevent a worse disease.

Anna - Tervuren

I have been undergoing treatment for a frozen shoulder with Annabelle for the past three months (combined with physiotherapy sessions). This is the first time I've tried acupuncture.

It has relieved the pain and progressively improved mobility with each session.

I am now almost back to normal mobility even though the doctor told me that it would take at least a year just with physio.


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