My vision

In my practice I meet people every day who are sick and tired of being treated as just a number. They need tailor-made advice. Therefore, I take plenty of time to listen to you and to explain as clearly as possible what my treatment entails and how it works. To do so, I also lean on your constant feedback, as every person responds differently.

I love the Wabi Sabi philosophy. This is not a fixed characteristic, but an underlying approach to life. It stands for purity and simplicity, the essence of life, but also for a way of life. This Japanese concept taught me to fall in love with imperfection.

To accept yourself with all your perks, insecurities and character flaws. It also makes you kind towards others. No process is ever finished, everything always moves and the human being never reaches perfect balance. This eternal cycle of life and death is central in the basic starting points of Traditional Chinese Medicine and is being demonstrated in the constant balance exercise of Yin and Yang.

It is typically Western to give meaning to everyone. To reflect on many things, to ask questions, to explain…to get better, to improve ourselves, feeling important, “to do” something with our life. We want to “mean something”, to use our talents, and to get the best out of ourselves.
Our life should have meaning and if we are not perfect, we are be doing something wrong, right?

Can you do your best to not do your best at something?

The Chinese characteristics Wu Wei 無為 en de 德 aim to exercise these values in my own life and also to pass them on in my interaction with patients.

Read here how my patients experience my treatments.

My vision

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