Chinese herbs

Chinese herbal medicine differs from our Western phytotherapy. In the West, we use biochemical components to explain the effects of herbs. The Chinese pharmacopeia however gives a functional description.
Treatments based on Chinese herbs have proven their efficacy for centuries for millions of patients. It is one of the most empirical medicinal practices in the world.

The preparation of herbal preparations requires an extensive knowledge. It encompasses a lot more than “just brewing a tea”. Every herbal component has its own specific function and every patient will receive a concoction based upon many years of study and a thorough knowledge of hundreds of different herbs. This makes the Chinese medicine extremely effective, as it is tailor-made. In addition, Chinese herbs don’t only have a healing effect, but they also have their own nutritional value.

Chinese herbs are then mostly prescribed in combination with a personalized nutrition advice. Usually, we integrate this into a general treatment. In case you wish to be treated with herbs only (without acupuncture) the session takes 1 hour.

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