Alchemical spaygyrics & gemmotheraphy

Alchemical spagyrics

Alchemical spagyrics is a remarkable, ancient medicine for human beings and animals that could be described as the precursor of modern chemistry. Paracelsus (1493-1541) has been called the founder of spagyrics. The alchemist uses processes of cleansing and transformation to make his deepest core - the inner gold - into the centre of his being. In order to do this, he opens himself up to the mystery of life, so he can get to know the cosmic principles which are active at every level of existence and integrate them.
The word ‘spagyrics’ refers to the production process, which involves ‘separating’, ‘cleaning’ and ‘connecting’ the components of medicinal plants so as to develop a powerful essence.

The fundamental principle behind spagyrics is that humans can find everything they need for healing in nature. The effects are based on the alchemical concept of transformation. This means that the treatment focuses on transcending, rather than treating, a symptom.

Spagyrics is a holistic treatment for human wellbeing. It focuses n the body (physical component), the soul (emotional component) and the mind (mental-spiritual component). Spagyric compounds provide a harmonious synergy of phytotherapy (herbal medicine), homeopathy, aromatherapy and mineral therapy.


Gemmotherapy is a component of phytotherapy, which uses the buds and young seedlings (shoots) of trees and shrubs. These are harvested at the right time in their natural development and while still fresh are processed in a mixture of water, alcohol and glycerine.

Buds and seedlings are made of embryonic tissues in full development. They contain the full force of the future tree or shrub, which is why they contain a real concentration of energy and vitality. They also contain many of the active principles that are no longer present in the mature crop. It is clear why buds are bursting from all these riches. They contain all the richness of the flower AND the leaf AND the fruit AND the stem… ALL in one bud.

Gemmotherapy works principally through drainage (the removal of toxins from the body) and building up the whole organism, through the construction and stimulus of specific organs or organ systems. Drainage is a very complete process: not only is there elimination of toxins, for example through the kidneys, the liver, the lungs, and the skin, but it also happens through the blood and lymph system. If we consider that natural medicine is based upon drainage and building up, it is clear how effective gemmotherapy can be in practice.

This is how blackberry works. It is the most important compound in gemmotherapy. It works on the adrenals and has a mild cortisone-like effect. It is used mainly for joint inflammations and allergy. Poplar works mainly on the arteries of the lowest extremities, to treat cramp in the feet and the legs. However, it is also good against inflamed joints. Sorbus increases muscle tone and the flexing power of the veins and is therefore good for varicose veins or circulation problems during menopause.

Alchemical spaygyrics & gemmotheraphy

Chinese herbs

Treatments based on Chinese herbs have been proving their effectiveness on millions of patients for centuries. It is one of the most empirical medicines known worldwide.

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Moxa is a technique from Traditional Chinese Medicine in which specific herbs are burned to heat acupuncture points and thus promote Qi flow.

Want to stop smoking?

Acupuncture addresses both physical and mental nicotine addiction when quitting smoking.


Different types of moxa techniques are combined based on your complaints for deep relaxation and an invigorating/virtuous feeling afterwards.

Weight loss

We look at your nutritional habits, your exercise and the influence of your emotional life. According to Chinese Medicine, certain foods are healthy for one person, but not for another, depending on your constitution.

Nutritional advice

The taste of the food is associated with its nutritional value or toxicity. An unbalanced diet can cause disharmony that manifests itself through all kinds of possible symptoms.


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