Cupping is exerting suction pressure on one or more meridian points using a metal, wooden, glass or plastic “cup”. The cups create partial vacuums at these points and thus influence the Qi-flow along the meridians. There is a visible effect on circulation in the underlying tissue: after approximately 10 minutes the cups leave a clear imprint.

Cupping is not a treatment by itself. Using cupping in an acupuncture session prolongs the treatment by at least a quarter of an hour.

With cupping you can treat pain from:

  • frozen shoulder
  • frozen shoulder blades
  • migraine
  • digestion
  • gynaecological issues (infertility, irregular menstruation with cramp)
  • chronic respiratory disturbances (asthma, bronchitis)
  • insomnia
  • damage or swelling of weak points
  • local pressure points that are painful.

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