Gua Sha

“Gua” means scraping. “Sha” are the spots, like bruises, which appear during the scraping, and indicate blocked Qi (life energy). Freely translated, Gua Sha means “scraping disease from the skin”.

Gua Sha improves self-healing power by indirectly stimulating the nervous system, and significantly enhances the removal of toxins. It is the latter effect in particular which makes Gua Sha treatment so powerful effect. When toxins (breakdown products) settle in mucosal tissue and muscles, there is stagnation which leads to pain and other symptoms.

Discoloration of the skin can vary from pink to blue/purple/black, depending on the level of stagnation.

Gua Sha is often combined with cupping, moxa, acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine.

Alchemical spaygyrics & gemmotheraphy

Chinese herbs

Treatments based on Chinese herbs have been proving their effectiveness on millions of patients for centuries. It is one of the most empirical medicines known worldwide.

Alchemical spaygyrics & gemmotheraphy

Gemmotherapy is a part of phytotherapy that uses leaf buds and shoots of trees and shrubs. The main effect of gemmotherapy focuses on drainage on the one hand and on the structure of the entire organism on the other.

One-day intensive retreat


Moxa is a technique from Traditional Chinese Medicine in which specific herbs are burned to heat acupuncture points and thus promote Qi flow.

Want to stop smoking?

Acupuncture addresses both physical and mental nicotine addiction when quitting smoking.


Different types of moxa techniques are combined based on your complaints for deep relaxation and an invigorating/virtuous feeling afterwards.

Weight loss

We look at your nutritional habits, your exercise and the influence of your emotional life. According to Chinese Medicine, certain foods are healthy for one person, but not for another, depending on your constitution.

Nutritional advice

The taste of the food is associated with its nutritional value or toxicity. An unbalanced diet can cause disharmony that manifests itself through all kinds of possible symptoms.


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