Nutritional advice

Nutritional advice is given based on the five elements from the Traditional Chinese Medicine, in which the taste of the food is connected with its nutritional value or its toxicity.

This varies in a phasic system of nutrition or control in accordance with the respective vital organs, which may lead to excesses or deficiencies.

An unbalanced diet could thereby cause disharmony, which may express itself through all kinds of symptoms.

To increase the general harmony, the different food groups should be balanced according to the yin-yang principles.

Every group has it own powers according to the knowledge of the 5 elements:

1. Wood is represented by the acid nutrition. Acids have a shrinking and collecting effect. A diet with too many acids will overburden the spleen, produce too much mucus and potentially also damage the muscles. It can be balanced with metallic nutrition (metal element).

2. Fire goes together with bitter nutrition. Bitter foods cause dehydration and strengthening. Too much bitter nutrition will fully dehydrate the spleen’s energy, obstruct the stomach and shrink the skin. It can be balanced with salty food (water element).

3. Earth is expressed in sweet nutrition. It harmonises and slows down. A diet with too much sweet food causes painful joints, tired kidneys, full heart energy and hair loss. It can be balanced with acid nutrition (wood element).

4. Metal is represented in spicy and aroma-rich food. It has a distributing effect and too much metal coincides with muscles knots, tachycardia, and brittle nails. It can be balanced with bitter nutrition (fire element).

5. Water corresponds with salty food. It is softening. A diet with too much salt causes failing muscles and tissues, a deficiency of power in the big bones and depression. It can be balanced with sweet food (earth element).

Personalized nutritional advice is usually given in combination with a prescription for Chinese herbs in powder or capsules). A separate nutrition advice takes approximately 60 minutes or if we integrate this into a different treatment, you should count on 30 min. extra. 

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