In our society, everybody talks continuously about stress, but what does it mean? We can distinguish two types of stress:
– positive stress, which we seek ourselves; a challenge, romance, etc.
– negative stress, which we feel as imposed, against which we feel powerless.
By positive stress, we become stronger, by negative stress we become weaker.

What are the different kinds of negative stress?
Negative stress can come from the cold, heat, noise, excessive physical exercise, mental and emotional stress, forced physical limitations, overstimulation of the senses, toxic chemicals, eating too much, sleeping insufficiently and even pregnancy.

How does the body respond to negative stress?
1. Alarm response: the body shows restlessness, nervousness and “the jitters”.
2. Resistance: the body will try to restore the inflicted damage by restoring its own biochemical functions. If the emergency supplies are sufficient to conquer the stress, the person will adapt and restore.
3. Exhaustion (when the stress is too strong):this is expressed by enlarged adrenals and a weakened immune system. The overly stressed person will get adaptation diseases, such as high blood pressure, fluid retention, arthritis, cardiac enlargement, attacks, stomach ulcers, kidney diseases, pre-eclampsia, allergies, diabetes, neurological deviations or cancer.

How can acupuncture help?
We can look at the human body as a battery. This battery will empty if it is not charged in time. A battery has a positive and negative pole between which energy flows back and forth when the conditions are right. The positive pole reflects the mental: detecting, memorizing, emotions etc. The negative pole corresponds with the physical and also the energy reserve: the organs and its corresponding functions. The more we are stimulated and being stressed, the more flow of life has to flow between the poles of the battery, the more energy is being used and the faster our battery empties.
When our battery is almost empty, the adaptation diseases appear.

Acupuncture is an ideal way to balance the energy flow between these two poles (on the one hand it will calm the stressed out mind and on the other hand it will improve organ function). This way, the battery will not run out, we feel better in our skin and we have a smaller chance of getting ill.


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