Pregnancy symptoms

Potential symptoms during pregnancy:

  • nausea and vomiting
  • (extreme) abdominal pain
  • lower back pain and/or pelvic pain
  • oedema
  • obstipation
  • sleeping problems
  • pregnancy itch
  • headache
  • high blood pressure
  • stomach symptoms
  • hard belly
  • haemorrhoids
  • potential miscarriage, or a past history of miscarriage

Potential symptoms before and after the delivery:

  • baby upside down in the uterus: using moxa between weeks 32 and 34 can help the baby turn safely
  • preparation for the delivery by preparing the body for the task ahead
  • (postnatal) depression
  • breast inflammation
  • lactation problems

Pregnancy is a special time, during which a lot happens in the body; not only physically, but there are also many due hormonal changes so women can feel more vulnerable and less stable. Symptoms can appear which limit enjoyment. As most women do not want or are not allowed to use medication, acupuncture is a good way to help alleviate symptoms.

Childbirth is one of the most significant and fantastic events in life for all those involved. Especially for the mother, this is an energetically and emotionally intense event. It demands much of her power and energy to deliver a child and then to feed and raise it. In particular, the first days can be energetically exhausting. After intense physical efforts and much blood loss during and after the birth, there follows an inadequate night’s sleep, the start of lactation, and numerous other care activities that require much energy. All of this can make the mother physically exhausted. Emotionally and psychologically too, the mother experiences many changes. And apart from the hormonal swings, motherhood brings many changes in terms of organization and human interaction. This can sometimes make her feel lonely and isolated.

Depending on the person, it can take several days or even months, before a mother is physically restored and finds a new emotional and psychological balance.

Postnatal conditions and symptoms

The most common physical symptoms shortly after delivery are fatigue or exhaustion, blood loss, muscle weakness or muscle pain, pain (after a Caesarean section or episiotomy), diminished concentration, problems with milk production or lactation, etc.
It is important to pay attention to these signals and to respond to them as soon as possible. If symptoms last too long they affect the general health and mood of the mother. Enough rest, safe surroundings, supportive care, and healthy and varied nutrition can compensate for the energy loss. For a mother, the expectation is that on average by six weeks after the birth of the child she will be healed. After a delicate delivery, recovery can be slow or sometimes complications can occur. The following physical symptoms are not rare: urinary problems, lack of milk production, continuing pains in the perineum, excess weight, haemorrhoids, etc.

Sometimes a mother does not feel emotionally well after the delivery. Intense fatigue combined with other psychological and social factors are sometimes the trigger for “baby blues”, or worse, postnatal depression.

How can acupuncture help after the delivery?

An acupuncturist listens to the patient’s story to make an individual assessment. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), acupuncture will help restore the person’s energetic balance as perfectly as possible. Acupuncture accelerates and enhances the recovery process after a delivery by acting on the physical, emotional, and psychological levels, through which the patient’s general wellbeing will be improved. This is how acupuncture restores lack of energy and counters long-term fatigue. Thanks to treatment of several specific acupuncture points, the body will function better and the energy will be more optimally produced or will be reinforced.

Moreover, acupuncture is useful to help scar tissue heal after a Caesarean, to stimulate milk production, to treat haemorrhoids, to remove urinary problems, or to treat pain. Acupuncture will also have a supportive and healing effect on emotional problems such as postnatal depression. By removing blockages in the body, its energy (Qi) can circulate freely again, and the body and mind can recover. This can prevent unnecessary postnatal symptoms.

Psycho-emotional symptoms


Digestion symptoms

Gynaecological symptoms


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