Digestion symptoms

The main causes of stomach and intestinal symptoms are:
- irregular meals
- eating too much cold or fatty food
- excessive alcohol use
- smoking
- stress

Stomach complaints are a very common problem. The cause of these complaints can be very diverse, just like the nature of the complaints themselves. One may feel bloated, experience flatulence or burp frequently for example. In addition, gastro-esophageal acid refluxes, stomach acid burns and nausea are common stomach problems.
Functional intestinal symptoms appear to be most suitable to be treated with acupuncture but patients with Colitis Ulcerosa or Chrohn’s Disease can also often experience benefit through acupuncture and Chinese herbs.

Acupuncture has offered relief from digestion problems for centuries. Certain acupuncture points influence the production of stomach acid or relax intestinal muscle contractions. Acupuncture is helpful for the treatment of reflux, dyspepsia, Irritable Bowel Syndrome and general stomach- intestinal symptoms. Combined with a good diet and healthy lifestyle, this results in a permanent and medicine-free relief of symptoms. Chinese herbal therapy can then also be often applied for a short period of time.

The energy for digestion has to be downward. With interruptions in the energy balance, this energy rises. This acupuncture treatment is focused on lowering the energy. Due to this, symptoms such as reflux, stomach burns and vomiting quickly decrease. Often there is a stagnation of local energy in the intestines, which can be reversed with this treatment. Moreover, acupuncture causes digestion as a whole to function well. Next to this, the treatment can be complemented with a nutrition advice or Chinese herbal therapy.

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