“Obesity has been called the disease of the 21st century.”

In the past 20 years, obesity is a more frequently occurring phenomenon worldwide. Obesity has already been demonstrated in nearly 500 million people and it is considered to be the most versatile and serious diseases threatening human health.

How can acupuncture contribute? 
– stimulates fat breakdown
– endorphin release in the blood stream: this is the compound that relaxes you, which will reduce your stress, you will feel less appetite, and the you can better resist the urge for food
– improvement of metabolism/digestion: sometimes your organs work too fast, but in case of obesity too slow; acupuncture recovers as well as possible a balanced functioning of your organ systems
– lowers cholesterol
– blood sugar level remains stable: the need to eat a lot of sweet stuff is being reduced
– increases perseverance and willpower
– gives more energy: because you will feel more fit and happier, the goals you have set for yourself will be more easily attainable and so will be reaching your target weight
– your digestion fire is being stimulated: by bringing balance to all kind of systems in your body, your digestion will finally function better, which is essential for a healthy body.

Next to this, we will have a look at your nutritional habits. Your body movement and the influence of your emotional life are also considered. According to Chinese Medicine, certain food is healthy for one person, but not for another depending on your constitution. That’s why you will receive an extensive survey to figure out which type you are and what your customized treatment will be.

In contrast to many “miracle drugs”, acupuncture is 100 per cent safe, easy to apply and it does not have side effects. It is certainly worthwhile to try. Moreover, you will receive personal advice, which increases your chances of success in comparison to general guidelines that would work for everyone.

Contact me for more info about this 3-month program, which begins with a 4-week “Start-Up“ program.

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