Sports acupuncture

Do you have continuous pain or an acute sports injury?

Sports acupuncture is focused on the treatment of:

  • the movement system
  • frozen shoulder
  • low backpain
  • ischalgia
  • orthopedic symptoms
  • rheumatic symptoms
  • whiplash


Within the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) there are treatments for sports injuries that occurred in the context of Kung Fu and other martial arts. Chinese history is a sequence of wars, conflicts and also the corresponding injuries. For centuries, these could only be treated and healed with TCM. Frequently, it was the task of monks to treat these traumas with acupuncture and other treatments (moxa, cupping, ….)

For centuries, China has studied and applied the influence of nutrition and herbs on health. Phyto-medicine and herbal medicine is a very important component of sports medicine. TCG uses substance obtained from plants, herbs, minerals and animals in the treatment plan. Chines herbs are nowadays often offered as capsules or in powder form and sometimes also processed in ointments or creams.

This treatment usually takes 60 minutes. Keep in mind that there will be a required period of rest (36 to 46h) after the treatment.

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