Moxibustion or abbreviated “moxa” is a technique from Traditional Chinese Medicine, in which specific herbs are burnt to heat acupuncture points and to enhance the Qi-Flow. It is a proven technique, which has been applied for thousands of years in all of Asia and sometimes is also used in massages and other manual therapies.
In general, moxa will improve blood circulation which will accelerate healing and which will benefit the general health. You don’t have to be ill at all to undergo a moxa treatment.
A moxa treatment is not given separately. We always integrate moxa into an acupuncture treatment, if needed.

Moxa treatments are very effective for:

  • general weakness
  • infertility
  • orthopedic symptoms
  • disturbances of the gastro-intestinal tract
  • weak immunity


Next to the use of moxa herbs on acupuncture needles, we can also work without needles but with moxa sticks. A moxa stick is used to stimulate acupuncture points or spots that feel cold on the body with heat and to thereby stimulate the circulation and/or stimulate energy. Moxing is very helpful for chronic pains, weakness, lack of energy, insomnia, joint pains (works normalizing) and sexual issues.

The special thing about the plant of which the moxa herb has been made is that while it burns slowly but in a very hot manner, it also gives a pleasant and beneficial infrared radiation. Moreover, it gives a distributing heat and spreads a pleasant flavour. Lighting the moxa can be easily done with matches as you would do with a cigar; they do not fall apart and after use they can be extinguished with salt (by doing so, you can relight the remainder the next time) 

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