Electro-acupuncture has a lot in common with traditional acupuncture, because the treatment is being stimulated in the same spots with needles. These are then placed at specific points on the meridians and then connected through small clips to connectors that continuously send electric pulses through the needles.

The intensity and the frequency of these pulses depends on the symptoms to be treated. However, one and the same point will hardly ever be stimulated for longer than 30 min. Patients can decide for themselves which intensity would suit them best and when they wish to stop the stimulation.
This treatment usually takes approximately 60 min. Bear in mind that you will need a period of rest (from 36 to 48 hours) after the treatment.

The stimulation with electrical pulses is often applied for:

  • pain treatment
  • sports injuries
  • orthopaedic symptoms
  • frozen shoulder
  • sciatica
  • lower back pain
  • tennis/golfer’s elbow
  • whiplash

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